Improvements are not always adding processes or procedures; many times it is about removing things that do not add value to the whole operation.

(NVA) NO VALUE ADDED: Being profitable is not just what you do. It is also removing obstacles that cost you money. Does extra walking add value? Do Phone calls add value? Do slowest possible methods add value? Do the slowest tools add value? Do paper systems add Value? Does guessing add value? Does industry slang or attitude add value? Constantly finding wasted time NVA parts of a day and changing behavior is a major part of being efficient and profitable. I can only turn a wrench so fast. Do I need to touch it 15 times in a build?  Can I reduce the number of time I touch a tool? Can I use an adjustable Torque Pulse Tool, adjustable clutch screwdriver, to obtain consistent torque values? Or should I guess torque values with my hand?

Modern tools make measurable differences in quality of work, speed of operations, and profitability of service centers; without cutting corners.

Job Shop Lean is applying the philosophy of “Lean” to the small service business organization known as service centers or job shops.These characterized by skilled hourly employees that perform non-repetitive service operations.

Creating a Lean Service Center is the concept of making all processes as efficiently as possible. How a customer is greeted, how a bike is inspected, how a customer is consulted, how documentation is created, every little detail is not left up to how you feel it should be done. There are best methods in many industries that can be used and improved to best fit your business. This is a team effort, start with good procedures and make them better.

Change for the Best Improvement,”CBI” refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in service centers, business management or any process. CBI  has been applied in many other industries. When CBI is used in the business sense and applied to the workplace, refers to activities that continually improve all functions, and involves all employees from the owner /CEO to the front line workers. It  applies to ALL processes., such as purchasing and logistics, that cross organizational boundaries into the supply chain.[3] By improving, standardized activities and processes, CBI constantly aims to eliminate waste.

CBI is a combination of operational research and practical development in design and processes CBI service is a project based-production process. CBI service is concerned with the alignment and holistic pursuit of concurrent and continuous improvements in all dimensions of the built and natural service environment: designed processes, construction of facility, activation of new ideas, maintenance, and recycling This approach constantly works to manage and improve service center processes with minimum cost and maximum value by considering customer needs as an overall focus.

The common spirit of CBI flows from shared principles:

Whole System Optimization through Collaboration and systematic learning.

Continual improvement/pursuit of perfection involving everyone in the system.

Focus on delivering the value desired by the owner/staff/cyclist.

Systematically eliminating obstacles to value creation and those parts of the process that create no value

If this seems like a lot of work, Well, it is if you are starting from a blank sheet of paper. The Bicycle Guild training starts you years ahead of a black page. Many national chains do this type of training with their new staff every day. They have a systematic approach, documentation and testing to see what sticks in the minds of new staff. It is easy to do when you have the training under your belt. Coaching or retraining or just-in-time learning is easier when you know what you need to train staff to know.

There is not a national chain that I know of that trusts that people will know how to perform their jobs without significant training. Training lift up the knowledge base of all people and is proven to grow businesses. Training is exciting to use and see it make your business successful in ways not dreamed of.

We all get to choose what is right for our business, not choosing to grow smartly, is a choice to reinventing the wheel.

Work smarter, not harder, write me and find out how to work smarter every day.

Christopher Wallace