• Are you customers excited to interact with your staff?
  • Are your labor costs half, or a third of other shops?
  • Is the quality of your service measurably better?
  • Do your Service Writers focus on both the improving the bicycle & cyclist ride experience?
  • Are you service personnel highly trained technicians?
  • Do you use your POS system to full potential in sales and service?
  • Do you offer service other shops do not offer?
  • Are your bathrooms clean?
  • Are you staff kind?

You may notice there is nothing on the list that talks about things. I can find things on line. I can not find great service on line. Your store is different from other stores and shopping experience by the range of customer services it offers. Are your stores services exceeding customers expectations? Most business I have visited fall short of me recommending them to anyone.

Customer Loyalty: What training, methods, processes, for your staff do you have that make customers want to come back for your products or amazing service?

How are you engaging new customers, and current customers to exceed expectations?

What do you give away for free (not products) that greatly improves customer rider experience? There are many great answers to this question. Send your actions or thoughts to me and I will post the full list of creative ideas.

Christopher Wallace