Almost all large business see why contracts are written by specific people. Both Lawyers and Subject Matter Experts in processes, products, or operations work together to create a finished contract. Contracts have to be well thought out documents or large problems will arise costing the company in many ways. Destroying profits, reputation, employee and customer engagement; increasing liability, disruptions, and costs

In many businesses big and small, Service Contracts may be written by any staff member. As a manager, or board member, or C-level employee; could you identify the tool or process to measure what is worn or damaged on a customers bicycle? Would your evaluation of the product leave a trail of wasted time and diminish the customers experience? What flaws are in this process created by management when they have footwear experts or any novice staff write a bicycle repair contract. What percentage of revenue potential is being lost, 100%, 200%, 300%, or more?

What is your belief when an entry level employee writing contracts that best takes care of the customer and the company at the same time? Do you think specific management, training, procedures, should be created, documented, and implemented. Or are you comfortable not knowing how much profit you are leaving on the table each day of the week?

This is a small piece of the puzzle. It is an example of a marker I can easily see when I walk into a store.  It tells me that eventually a seasoned mechanic is going to find a flaw on the bike that they need to stop working, call the customer, leave a message, wait for authorization, make a note on the paperwork. put the bike back in storage, get authorization phone call, tell them the estimate is double, get parts, get bike, and work on it. Thirty minutes of wasted time, angered customer, less profit and dissatisfied customer due to service writing beliefs of management. PLUS missed opportunity to sell the customer additional services, accessories, clothing, parts, that would improve their bicycling experience.

It is easy to see many boats of opportunity are left behind when service writers are not the highest trained service employees in your business.

Now the big question, How do you professionally train service writers? What do they need to learn to improve your business and customers experiences?

That is what the Bicycle Guild is designed to do for your business.

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Christopher Wallace