What we do and how this all got started.

We saw a need in the industry for training that improved the quality of customer service.  Businesses asked for improved quality, productivity, sales, and communication. Utilizing Continuous Improvement processes we identified root causes of waste that surprised even the most seasoned professionals.

How many things under your nose right now, are reducing your profitability? Are your customers grateful they walked into your store today?

This project got started years ago when a customer asked me “how much does a quick release lever change the adjustment of a hub?” I did not have knowledge to answer a simple question. I did not have a test, or a procedure, or an efficient process, to communicate a verifiable answer. All I had was my BELIEFS! I needed to change that.

Beliefs are expensive and create waste in business. Beliefs are not verifiable knowledge that you can produce a productive business solution around. Beliefs or Hypothesis need to be tested and verified for effectiveness. PLUS they need to meet voice of customer.  Can they be improved, and implemented. This is the power of Knowledge over Belief.

We have used Continuous Improvement processes in small and large business and found most large issues are the same and smaller issues are specific to a site.

The voice of the customer is all of our focus. Without their input of dollars we do not exist. Customers want to be treated like they are important, their needs are exceeded. Store processes can get in the way or improve customer service.

Creativity is the root of all invention. You do not need to reinvent the wheel! You can apply our knowledge, add your own creative touch, and improve the amount of cash and gratitude customer give you every day.

I have reinvented the wheel (twice). I spend time seeking and learning from the best wheel builders, material and structural engineers about the wheel. Then I was trying to create tools to prove concepts of rim structure and spoke structure to my class I accidentally reinvented the wheel – twice. You can take what you learn from the Bicycle Guild and consistently improve the process every working day. This is not stagnant, this process hungers for your creativity every day.  Consistent improvement is worth investing your time and resources into, the results are amazing.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Christopher Wallace